About Us

"Rakum Interio Designs"
Are one of the renowned organization.

About Us

The Rakum interio designs is a new age boutique architecture and interior design company with the vision of space transformation that caters to specific needs of individuals/corporate etc. We work with the objective of aligning our expertise with your expectations to provide you with an end product that you would not just live/work in but love to live in and work in.

Every action and decision can improve someone's life in tangible and intangible ways. The firm consists of a team of experienced and expert professionals who work under the strong and able guidance and leadership of our Chief Architect: D.Vinod Kumar. Together we have been able to produce magnificent architectural splendors at par with international standards.

We work with a cross section of clients and bring in that diverse expertise and experience to the table. Right from concept design to aesthetic management of space to project management is our forte'. We believe in delivering the best in the most optimum cost and hence work with a cross section of suppliers bringing in the best to every client of ours. Our teams of artisans and technicians have decades of cumulative experience between themselves. Project managers and team members are professionals working on every project in a timely fashion to ensure its completion is on time and quality.

Our Vision

We have a vision. A vision of being part of every space that demands the aesthetics of life, every space that calls for creation of, a home, a place to work, a place for you to make your dreams a reality and every space that breathes life, hard work, ambition, energy, creativity, joy, family, team, success, happiness!

Our Executed Projects: